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🌈“When Dreams Come True!”🌈 Week 2/4

Once a week, for the next four weeks, our volunteer Marzia Sirchia will talk about her time at LEO Africa! Follow this feed to get an insight on our work and to experience life in the bush from the eyes of one of our volunteers!

Week 2/4

"With the conclusion of my 2nd week at Leo, I had to say goodbye to my 1st roommate Andrea. A piece of my experience left with her back to Germany. Every Tuesday there are a lot of sad hugs and goodbyes but a lot of welcomes to new arrivals and new friends.

Beyond the experience in its self. This place is beyond amazing. You get to meet beautiful people that come from different parts of the world and there is a continuous exchange of culture, language and a lot of laughs (majority of them due to my lack of English which causes a lot of hilarious misunderstanding haha) for me time here goes different than back home.

The days are so rich and full that it's crazy to think I'm already half way through my experience. One of the best parts of LEO Africa is that we are so submerged within this beautiful landscape, full of incredible nature and animals that every time I close my eyes at night I fall asleep dreaming of these beautiful images."

Thank you LEO Africa!

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