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Affiliates of Leo

We want to say a massive thank you to all the organisations that have pledged to sponsor and help us. You are not only helping LEO but all of the wildlife and environment that LEO works to conserve.




Mrs. Martin's Cleaning Logo.jpg

How do you clean your home?


Here at LEO Africa our conservation efforts go beyond the Park in which we operate. We try to make a difference in many different aspects of our daily lives. That is why a few months ago we started using cleaning products from a South African company called Mrs Martin's.

Their products are readily biodegradable and do not contain any toxic chemicals but only active “good” bacteria to digest organic matter. This means they do not pollute water systems.


We are very happy with their products as they clean exceptionally well. This switch had also lead us to drastically reduce our plastic consumption as we refill our containers at their facilities! A great way to take care of our environment!

Each of us can make a difference! Start today!


Leatherman Wave, conservation work.jpg

A huge thank you to Leatherman, who kindly donated 7 Leatherman Wave Multitools to our team! These handy, resistant and quality tools  aid us greatly in our daily conservation efforts.

Leatherman are a world renowned company, know for their great manufacturing and multi-tools

"Whether crafting, creating, repairing or rebuilding, it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. All it takes is unwavering perseverance and the right tool in your hands"

We highly recommend Leatherman to everyone who needs a multi-tool or spend a lot of times outdoors, in nature! A must have equipment!


Sapmok Logo.jpg
Sapmok shoues.jpg

The LEO Team wears Sapmok Shoes!


A huge thank you to Sapmok for supporting our conservation work and sponsoring shoes for the LEO Team!

Handmade quality

Sapmok was created by Werner Winterboer in 2015.

Every shoe we make is handcrafted by our skilled cobblers, and can be witnessed at Sapmok HQ. We cut, measure and stitch everything from scratch, creating a shoe from nothing.

We can make a shoe from a clients shirt if they have the demand. We use the best quality materials we can lay our hands on, especially our leather. Only using the best leather from the best (most ethical) tanneries in South Africa. We are constantly trying to find the most durable, good looking and self-healing leather on the market. This is an ongoing process and will always be high on our priority list.

The future of Sapmok

One of the main reasons Sapmok was created was to give back to conservation, and this is where our team create projects and ideas to support our dream. Focusing on environmental responsibility therefore automatically falls under our long term goals and this is done by sourcing sustainable and recyclable materials to manufacture our products. We still have a very long road before we achieve these goals, but we’re already on our way.

Purchase your pair of Sapmok shoes at a discounted price while at LEO Africa. You will support a local business in South Africa while wearing the most amazing, comfortable shoes!



INSIDER RELEASE is mainly a geopolitical blog that promotes free and impartial information. We dedicate our work to several topics with a particular interest in international security in general.


In a world dominated by uncertainty, we still believe in the power of information to face the threats of our future and to strive for a better world.

LEO Africa and Sabrina Colombo collaborate with the magazine writing some valuable conservation related articles.


Hazel Harvest.png

Hazel’s Harvest locally produce small batch soaps, beeswax balms and specialised skin creams which do not contain unnecessary, environmentally damaging or harmful chemicals, and are packaged using earth-friendly materials (plastic free!). Made with love and individual attention to quality, none are tested on animals and have been perfected over time by Hazel Roskelly herself.

All creams, balms and soap contain:

  • Real African Beeswax

  • Pure Essential Oils distilled in Africa

  • Vegetable oils from South Africa

  • Avocado Oils

  • No Parabens

  • No Palm Oil

  • No Nano Zinc



Faithful to Nature is a South African company started in 2006. They only sell natural and organic products, each one of their products is thoroughly researched and scrutinised to ensure the best quality product and ingredients. LEO Africa and Faithful to Nature have partnered to create a waste-free personal care pack. In this pack you will receive completely plastic free, organic products that we have carefully selected and personally tried out ourselves to ensure we produce that best pack for you. Check out their website for more information and get in contact with us if you would like to purchase your pack for your time at LEO Africa.  Price on request. 


This pack includes: 1 x LEO Africa cotton bag, 1 x Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap – Lemongrass scented (100g) ,1 x Pure Simple Shampoo Bar Fragrance Free (100g), 1 x Southern Soul Tooth Powder (125ml), 1 x Natural Yogi Frankincense Deodorant (30g), 1 x Faithful to Nature Adult Tooth Brush and 1 x Faithful to Nature Organic Unrefined Shea Butter (200ml).  Please note, if booked well in advance we can tailor make your pack. Some products may be swapped with others of the same quality if stock is not available.


Trip To Rescue is a project created by AIEA, it was born with the objective to give clear travel information and to raise awareness of educational travel oppurtunities for everyone that desires to take part in a project that contributes to the protection of African Wildlife.

Together with Trip To Rescue and Isola Bianca Agency, it is possible to organize group of Italian volunteers who would like to come to LEO Africa but do not speak English. Contact us for dates and info!


AIEA was born from a group of professional Italian safari guides, rangers, writers and photographers. Our mission is to safeguard species facing risk of extinction, by introducing and leading programs and projects directly in Africa.


Rhino tshirt2.jpg
Rhino Tshirt1.jpg
Rhino tshirt3.jpg

Elusive Catfish is a group of designers who create our design t-shirts specifically to raise awareness for LEO, conservation, and the threats faced by species such as the white and black rhino.

Our volunteer and artist Roberta Formisano (Instagram @robertaterk) specifically drawn a few tshirts that were sold here at LEO to our volunteers. 

If you wish to buy a design LEO T-shirt, check the link below and don't forget to check out Roberta's work! 


Safari Jewelry makes jewelry inspired by traditional elephant hair bracelets, fabricated out of Sterling Silver or 14K gold. They are hypoallergenic and will not react with people sensitive to metal alloys. They donated us a few rings and pendants to sell to volunteers and all the earnings have been used to purchase monitoring equipment.

They are planning to do a series of rings inspired by the "Big 5", with 30% of the price being donated to help LEO and their ongoing conservation efforts. Contact them to receive more info!

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