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Make a donation!

Leo Africa relies solely on the support received by our volunteers in the field, at base and financially to run the entire operation. Without our volunteers, the vital conservation, monitoring and sustainable living efforts would not be possible.


We are reaching out to our volunteers and anyone who would like to assist us further in our conservation efforts.

Conservation is a very costly work, as equipment is exposed daily to rough conditions, vehicles need heavy maintenance, camera trap needs servicing, batteries and SD replaced, monitoring collars need to be replaced when they "expire" and vet costs paid for. These are just some big extra costs that we need to cover regularly.

Hence, we are reaching out, to kindly ask for donations - each amount makes a difference!


Should you prefer to donate a physical good, that we can use in the field, in the office and at base (vehicles, drones, laptops, tools, binoculars, rechargeable batteries, SD Cards, Camera Traps, cameras  etc.), please feel free to reach out to us if you think you can help.


Thank your for supporting us and for believing in our work!

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Support Our
Conservation Efforts!

Any donation counts to make our work possible!

Support our conservation efforts and the anti-poaching teams!

We accept donations for our conservation efforts and to support the local anti-poaching teams.

Conservation: we are always in need of camera traps (Cuddeback C1), SD cards (8-16GB), rechargeable batteries, solar panels for our monitoring efforts. However, sometimes we might need some extra tools not listed above. If you wish to support our work in the field or in the office (i.e. with a refurbished computer, a camera or anything you do not use anymore), feel free to write us! What is usually not used anymore in the modern world, can still be happily re-used here!

If you wish to know what are the items that we need the most for our every day work in the bush, feel free to contact us!


Anti-poaching: Help us at Leo support the Anti-poaching team who work tirelessly to protect the animals.

We take donations from volunteers who would like to contribute, take a look at the list we compiled of items the Anti-poaching team need. Please click on the below button for more info.


Need some fundraising ideas?

Take a look at some of these fundraising tips!

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