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While volunteering at LEO Africa, you will learn and directly contribute towards a wide variety of activities!.


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Sleep Out

We conduct sleep outs to act as a deterrent for poachers. being extra eyes and ears out in the field at night.

Sleep outs are conducted in strategic parts of the Reserve and they give our volunteers an amazing opportunity to see nocturnal animals, admire the beautiful African sky and listen to the sounds of the bush.

A lifetime experience!

Fire Control.jpg

Fire Control

Volunteers help with natural fire control and also with planned bush fires when needed. This method is used in reserve management to remove moribund grasses, excess of parasites and encourage the growth of new grass more palatable for animals.

Fire Control is an activity done in the dry season and if reserve management decides to conduct a control burning.


Camera Trap

Camera traps are a vital tool in our monitoring efforts. Placed in strategic positions around the Reserve, they capture images and videos day and night.

Each month we collect thousands of photos which are sorted by our volunteers and then processed by our rangers. This provides us with regular data and images on those harder to find individuals!

All the data collected is inserted in our monthly report and the photos used to update our ID kits

Photo Bushwalk.jpg

Bush Walks

Volunteers often join our rangers in bush walks to monitor wild animals, to service camera traps and to explore new areas. Being on foot in the bush gives a really different perspective about the animals and gives the opportunity to see the "small world", focusing also on tracks, insects, flowers and listening for sounds!

Bush walks are an amazing way to explore the bush closely. Are you ready for the adventure?


Microlight Flight

ONLY AT LEO AFRICA you can fly on board of the microlight to assist with wildlife monitoring and indirect anti-poaching. While flying over the reserve, you will help spotting animals, discovering potential suspicious activities, find active hyena dens while enjoying the landscape. The microlight flight can be done only if weather conditions allow it and it has an extra cost to cover the flight expenses.

While volunteering at LEO Africa, you will also be involved in other activities such as animal darting, collaring, game capture and animal relocation, depending on the needs of the reserve management. Excursions to the Kruger National Park and Panorama Route are also possible!


Volunteer Collecting data_edited.jpg

Monitoring Drives

Our LEO guides will take you out every day on two monitoring drives in our 4x4 game viewers (excluding Sunday).

While in the field, we observe, collect data and take identification photos of the key species that we monitor (Big 5, hyenas and cheetahs), in particular regarding their behaviour, location, movements, food preferences, health, reproduction and interactions with each other in their natural habitat.


Conservation Activities

While out in the field, our work also involves taking care of the Reserve’s eco-systems through reserve management activities such as bush clearing, road restoration, alien plant removal, erosion control, tree wrapping, fence/rubbish removal, game capture and animal darting (when requested by the vet, on specific occasions, such as monitoring collar replacement).

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