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The Role Of The Volunteer

LEO provides park wardens and ecologists with detailed information on the wildlife within the reserve as well as contributing towards conservation work to help keep a balanced eco-system, and giving support to the reserve's anti-poaching team

Our volunteer wildlife monitoring and conservation programme records and monitors the movements, behaviour, numbers, kills, and interactions of the Big 5, cheetahs and hyenas. Another aim of the project is also to travel to the most remote parts of the park to have a better understanding of the wildlife activities. By covering these areas, we also act as a deterrent for "unwanted visitors", reporting suspicious activities to the Park management. LEO Africa is an unpredictable presence in the reserve!

Volunteers play an essential role in our project, supporting us on three main aspects of our work:

      In the field






































  • Taking part to two daily monitoring drives: during the monitoring drives, you will learn about and directly contribute towards wildlife monitoring and conservation activities. Our experienced rangers love to share interesting facts, their knowledge and passion for the bush and are really committed in making a difference to improve the quality of the environment!

  • Monitor predator numbers and assist in the creation of ID Kits for lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas.

  • Monitor the feeding behavior, prey selection, kill frequencies, interactions, spatial movements and the ecological impact of lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas.

  • Monitor the numbers, health condition and movement for mega herbivores such as elephants, white rhinos, as well as assist in the creation of ID Kits.

  • Help with conservation work: erosion control, road maintenance, bush clearing, alien plant removal, game capture (when requested by the reserve manager), animal darting and relocation (when help is requested by the vet).

  • Contribute towards indirect anti-poaching activities by being a presence in the field (i.e. sleep out and fence patrol). 

  • Assist with camera trap processing and data entry.

  • Live and work with like-minded people from all over the world. 

  • Learn and apply a sustainable living lifestyle.

  • Get a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly over the reserve with a microlight - ONLY AT LEO AFRICA!

  • Take part to bush walks to monitor wildlife, service camera traps and discover new areas of the reserve on foot.

​    At Base

  • Carrying out duties on a rotational basis with the other volunteers once/twice a week for half day.

    • This includes:

      • Office work: camera trap processing, data insert, ID kits.

      • Camp maintenance.

      • Maintaining our vegetable garden.

      • Assisting with cooking lunch or dinner for all the staff and volunteers.

      • Ensuring the house is kept clean and tidy.


LEO Africa is financially sustained only by the volunteers as we provide a free service to Abelana Game Reserve. All the money from the volunteers is used to run the entire project (to buy and maintain vehicles, petrol, monitoring and research equipment, computers, camera traps, batteries, salaries, food and accommodation etc.). Without the financial support of our volunteers, we could not operate and the reserve would not be able to conduct the vital wildlife monitoring and and conservation work.

LEO Africa does not receive any funding from the government, the reserve or any other institutions and are solely reliant on the contribution from our volunteers and donors. 

Your volunteer work will have a significant positive impact on the conservation policies and practices Abelana Game Reserve. The data that LEO volunteers and staff collects goes towards monthly reports for the reserve management that will use the information to make informed decisions on the running of the Park.

Volunteering at LEO offers a different and unique experience than most volunteer projects: our conservation goals are concrete, we have a high motivation and we are committed to improve the quality of the land, to benefit wildlife. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot and actively contribute towards conservation, wildlife monitoring and sustainable living. Moreover, you will be followed by experienced and passionate rangers who dedicate their lives to make a difference and improve the environment in which wildlife live. Without a healthy environment, wild animals would not be able to succeed!

Click the button below to see what previous volunteers have had to say about their time here with Leo, or apply now!

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