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Packing List



We recommend that you bring the following:


  • Shirts/t-shirts

  • Warm hoodies/jumpers 

  • Shorts

  • Long trousers

  • Warm coat, winter hat, gloves and scarf (especially during winter)

  • Sun hat

  • Working/gardening gloves (for conservation work)

  • Walking socks/thick socks

  • Hiking type shoes

  • Comfortable shoes/flipflops (time off)

  • Sunglasses

  • Waterproof Jacket/Raincoat (summer)

  • Towel (necessary)

  • Swimsuit

You will be provided with one LEO t-shirt which must be worn on drives. You can purchase additional t-shirts as well as caps, fleece beanies and more.

In winter, early mornings and evenings are cold. Please make sure to bring plenty of layers to stay warm.


Neutral shades such as olive, brown, green, khaki and beige are best (white and bright colors are NOT allowed in the field). 


LEO Africa is located in a low risk malaria  area.


  • Camera for ID photos (essential)

  • Sleeping bag (essential)

  • Head torch/torch (essential)

  • Water Bottle - min. 1.5 litres (essential)

  • Battery charger/rechargeable batteries

  • Memory card(s)

  • Small rucksack

  • Roll mat - for sleep outs

  • Binoculars

  • Mosquito net (can be provided)

  • Towel


  • Plug Adapter (essential - can be purchased once here - cheaper!)

  • Sun screen (SPF 30+)

  • Insect repellent

  • After sun lotion

  • After bite cream

  • Any medication you take regularly

  • Toiletries: shampoo, body wash etc. (please note that a Plastic Free "Lush Starter Pack" can be purchased at LEO, please see our sustainability section and brochure for more information)

  • Please note items such as hairdryers, hair straighteners etc. cannot be used as we have solar panels.


Pack List



Although South Africa does have four seasons, the most prevalent are summer and winter.

Summer is from November to February and is characterized by very hot weather, often accompanied by rain. All the trees gain their foliage and many of the animals will take advantage of the abundant food sources and give birth to their young during this plentiful time.

Winter is from June to September and is characterized by dry, sunny but cool days with clear nights that are often cold. Trees will begin to lose their foliage and towards the end of the months it becomes easier to spot game as they begin to congregate at water sources due to the lack of rain.

Donation to anti poaching team

Some personal anti-poaching gear needs to be continually replaced due to the heavy wear-and-tear of these items (e.g. sleeping bags, roll mats, tents and camouflage clothes). Many of our volunteers contribute by leaving items behind which not only lightens their luggage load coming home but you also know your item will be put to good use. 


We at LEO would like to go one step further and raise money to help purchase and replace expensive equipment. In addition, LEO Africa would like to help build and expand campsites for the anti-poachers so they have somewhere better to sleep while at the same time improving anti-poaching efforts as these bush camps will enable the anti-poachers to expand their range with added mobility.

While anti-poaching patrollers choose this life and go through more rigorous training than the army to prepare themselves for the bush, we try to do what we can to improve their lives in the bush and there are many ways that you can help.


  • If you would like to obtain some of the items on the equipment list before arriving here, some of our volunteers have gone around to their friends and local businesses, explained a bit about our project and the role of our anti-poachers and have asked for small donations. In recognition for their contribution, we will happily acknowledge their donation on our website.

  • Anti-poachers have rations of food so any loose change collected at LEO base in a dedicated jar goes towards buying additional food and treats. While you are at LEO, you are more than welcome to buy canned food on town trip to donate more directly to this cause. Also, you can donate any additional snack food you have left over when you leave.

  • While these are small ways you can make a contribution and help make a difference, you can always make a Paypal donation and request what item(s) you would like your money to purchase. Also, when you leave LEO, we have a change jar in which you can deposit any left-over South African Rand, or if you would like to make a larger cash donation, LEO's manager will handle this in person.

Needed Items:

• Tents
• Sleeping bags
• Rain jacket
• AA or D Batteries (rechargeable)
• SD Memory card (8-16 GB)
• Camera traps (Cuddeback C1)
• Sleeping/roll mats
• Tools (knifes, torches etc.)

• Walking/hiking boots
• Binoculars
• Water bottle
• Small backpack (neutral colours)
• First aid kits
• Food (instant noodles, food in cans, etc)
• Clothes (men's size)
• Blankets

• Camping Pillow
• Candles, lighters, matches
• Hats and caps
• Soap
• Mosquito nets
• Sunscreen
• Toothpaste and toothbrush
• Towels

For more information please feel free to send us an email!
Donation to anti poaching
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