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LEO Ambassador 

If you have been to LEO Africa and you absolutely loved our work and commitment to conservation, you could help us spreading the word of our project among your friends, family, colleagues, university etc! 

Receiving volunteers is vital to our project as we provide a free service to the park in which we operate and our volunteers support us on the field, at base and economically.


If you have some spare time and would like to assist us in promoting our vital work for conservation, become a LEO Ambassador!

Becoming a LEO Ambassador is very easy! You just need to find your favourite way to promote LEO Africa: it could be through social media, blog, travel forums, presentations (at work, university, with your friends), fundraising (i.e. organizing a bake sale etc). 

If you are not familiar with this but you would like to help, please contact us at enquiries@leoafrica,org -  we are pleased to help you!

Benefits of being a LEO Africa ambassador:

  • Receiving 10% return discount

  • Get a R500 "friends" discount on your next visit for every person that you bring to LEO

    • Bring 10 people = get R5000 discount on your next visit!

​Thank you for helping us spread the word of our efforts for conservation and sustainability! 

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