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The LEO Team has been brought together by a genuine passion for conservation and sustainable living. Each staff member is extremely dedicated towards our mission and would go the extra mile to achieve our conservation and wildlife monitoring objectives. All the members of the Team are FGASA qualified and have years of experience on the field. We love to share our knowledge with our volunteers and educate them on the bigger conservation issues as well as living a sustainable lifestyle. Our motto is: "together, we can make a difference!".


Mike Hrusa

Field Guide

Michael was born in South Africa and grew up in Zimbabwe. His passion for nature was instilled in him from a very early age by his uncles. After finishing school he worked on a voluntary basis for a wildlife educational camp in the Zambezi valley area of Zimbabwe. It was here that he developed a greater understanding and respect for wildlife. Michael went on to complete his FGASA field guiding qualification in 2016 and started working in lodges specializing in walking safaris where he gained valuable experience walking in the bush. His move to LEO was accompanied by a growing desire to make a positive impact in conserving the natural areas in which he lives and works as well as protecting their, sometimes critically endangered, inhabitants. 

Ryan photo website.jpg

Ryan Smart

Field Guide

Ryan was born in Boksburg. Even though he grew up in the city he would go to Kruger to explore the wonders of the African wilderness with his parents and grandparents every school holiday. This ignited a spark to get involved in working and living in the bush from a young age and straight after school he left the city to do his training as a field guide and marine guide. His main passion in the bush is birds and tracking of animals as well as mammal behaviour but he loves all species equally from the smallest insects up to the largest of elephants. Having worked extensively in the guiding industry for 10 years he made the decision to do his part for conservation and to work with the Leo Africa team. Ryan is passionate and enthusiastic in making a difference to ensure that future generations get to experience the wilderness as he did as youngster.

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