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There are opportunities available during your stay at LEO to partake in additional excursions. We offer guided trips to the Kruger National Park, to the Panoramic Route and a dinner at Abelana River Lodge. Excursion prices are extra and divided between the number of volunteers wanting to partake. 

Lodge Dinner


If volunteers would like we can organise a night out at Abelana River Lodge. 

Volunteers pay for their meal and any drinks, while the cost of the transfer to the lodge is divided between the amount of volunteers going. Although it is a luxury lodge, the cost of the dinner is still very affordable!

A lovely way to have a delicious dinner in a different environment!

Marakele N.P.
SabrinaColombo-Lioness-South Africa-2.jpg


During your time with LEO there will be an opportunity to visit the Kruger National Park for one or more days.

Kruger National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in the world and it hosts an incredible variety of species.

Being so close to this beautiful park, an excursion to this peace of heaven is a must!

Volunteers can hire a LEO guide for the duration of the excursion. The cost of the excursion will be divided among the volunteers taking part into it.



Visit the Blyde River Canyon, God's Window, Beautiful Waterfalls, the Eco Caves and so much more while out on excursion to the Panorama Route! One of our guides will be happy to conduct you to to discover some wonderful scenic places and also have lunch in the characteristic town of Graskop!

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