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🌈 “When Dreams Come True!” 🌈 Week 3/4

Once a week, our volunteer Marzia Sirchia will talk about her time at LEO Africa! Follow this feed to an insight on our work and to experience life in the bush from the eyes of one of our volunteers!

Week 3/4

"The conclusion of my third week and the beginning of my last week at LEO Africa arrived in a heartbeat. Tuesday I said goodbye to Francesco, my Italian “adopted brother”. A big thank you goes to him as well, he made my experience with LEO Africa even more special, not to mention the fact that he made me get a degree in English with Google Translate haha!

One thing that I learnt and I keep learning every day at LEO Africa and for which I have a profound esteem, is the incredible commitment, devotion and respect that we should all have towards the animals and the eco-systems in which we live. The work behind this association is truly amazing and admirable! Every day, a LEO Africa Ranger comes out in the bush with us, the volunteers, to monitor the wildlife, in particular the Big5, Hyenas and Cheetahs.

I have been very lucky to be able to observe them very closely and to learn to respect their environment and territory where they live. As they are wild animals, no one should take that for granted the possibility of seeing them closely. Wild animals behave as they please! Finding ourselves a couple of metres from an elephant bull 🐘 , who is as big as a lorry (or even more!), gives you a crazy adrenaline rush and a will to cry with the emotion! You feel alive and full of joy (or at least, this is what I felt). Strong, true, intense emotions. This is what this incredible place gifts all of us with!

🐶 Trigger Tragger Trigger, sweet and naughty jack Russell, I imagine you run and jump in an even more beautiful and colourful African Bush than this one in which we are now. I hug your little owner for you, don’t worry! ❤️🐶

Thank you LEO Africa!

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