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🌈 “When dreams come true!” 🌈 Week 1/4

For the next four weeks, our volunteer Marza Sirchia will talk about her time at LEO Africa! Follow this feed to get an insight on our work and to experience life in the bush from the eyes of one of our volunteers!

Week 1/4 update:

“My incredible experience with LEO Africa started one week ago.

What shall I say about my first impressions?

I would say that all the mental limits and the concerns that I had before my departure as soon as I left home for my flight are long gone and forgotten. I have been here for only one week but the bush has already gifted me with thousands of emotions, impossible to describe if you do not try them in person.

Being immersed in nature, monitoring wildlife, guided by an incredible prepared team and amazing volunteers while giving your vital contributions to a project “larger than you” has been the best decision of my life! Here you can find yourself and understand what are the real priorities in life.

Does love at first sight exists? Yes, now I am certain about it!”

Thank you LEO Africa!

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