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Lions on a kill

A couple of mornings ago, while busy tracking our female cheetah with cubs, we heard on the radio that a group of lions was walking towards a river crossing not far from us. After successfully monitoring the small cheetah family for a bit, we learned that the four lions - a pride of two lioness with one subadult each - crossed the river in our direction. It is always exciting to see lions and a very important part of our monitoring work; we started makingour way towards them, expecting to find the lions resting under a tree as it would be normal during this warm time of the day.

As we arrived, the lions just made a warthog kill! We were lucky to see them just 3 meters next to the road, behind small bushes, devouring the meat and not bothered by our presence at all. The sub-adult male had already retreated behind a bush to digest his delicious lunch, so we watched the three females feeding.

It is a great and humbling experience being able to observe predator behavior so up close and personal, for a long time.

What a special, great sighting - and a perfect finish to our morning drive

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1 Comment

Kristiina Nyqvist
Kristiina Nyqvist
Nov 10, 2019

Hi LEO, your new website is easier to read and very charming and educating. Good work! Congratulations!

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