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Leo's time at LEO

Leonard Brandhorst , from The Netherlands, spent 3 weeks at LEO Africa. Check out what he has to say about his time here!

"Spend some time with LEO Africa and you’ll have the opportunity to experience the South African bush like nowhere else!

Some of those unique moments were captured by the photos attached, but most of them happened spontaneously and made great memories instead.

The sounds of wildlife during a sleep-out for example: a trumpeting elephant and the unmistakable roar of a lion. Or hearing something approach your location, hitting the torch and finding 5 spotted hyenas curiously staring back at you. It makes you realize how much life is out there.

Then there are the moon and the stars- amazingly visible due to very little light pollution and clear skies. Somehow seeing them was very comforting as I slept soundly whereas I was counting on a sleepless night under the stars.

Early mornings and late afternoons come with amazing colors and the best light of the day for photo's- it’s called the golden hour for a reason! The guides are very experienced and know the park by heart, even though it's a big place. The sunset coffee break is a moment to look forward to as it's usually enjoyed in a spot with great views of the mountains or the disappearing sun.

Spending time with big cats in the wild is a luxury quickly taken for granted when seeing them every day, but it's a real privilege. Playful, awe-inspiring, ferocious - who doesn’t like them? In one of the photos you see a territorial male of the park staring straight back at the lens. Would you dare to stare back?

The most beautiful eyes for me are those of cheetahs though. The color contrast with it’s spotted body and the black tear marks next to them makes them stand out like nothing else! A prey’s worst nightmare because they know there’s no chance to outrun a cheetah once it decides to come for you. Accelerating quicker than some Ferrari's, it can also run at over 100 km/hr - this is truly the fastest and one of nature's most extraordinary creatures."

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