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Cheetah cub update

On a daily basis, we need to check the female cheetah and her cubs to make sure they are doing well. Sometimes we are lucky (when they are out in the open), other times only our guides manage to see them as they are hiding in the thick bushes.

It is always exciting to search for them, as when ever we get to see them, it is spectacular. A great reward for all of us!

On this occasion, we found the female cheetah and her cubs on the plains. At first, we heard the impalas alarm calling. We knew she would soon pop out of the bushes. Secondly, she started contact calling her cubs, who jumped out of the bush all eager to follow their mom and to play.

Cheetah cubs look so fluffy and white on their back, their coat mimics honey badgers, who are feared by the most predators due to their vicious nature (even if they are small animals)!

Keep following us for more updates from the bush!

The LEO Team

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