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🌈"When dreams come true"🌈 Week 4/4 P.2

"I want to start by giving a special thank you to Sabrina, without her this experience would not be possible. Thank you for everything and the thousand suggestions and guidance, all the the English translations, the hugs and for the love that you put into the project. I should of repeated that to you 19228 times in person but as many times that I can repeat it, it would not express how important you and Leo Africa are to me. You realise my dream! Which is not a small thing! I will be grateful for life, continue to do what you are doing because you are a machine of happiness for the animals and for the people that have the opportunity to contribute towards this fabulous project!

Every night I hope to fall asleep and dream of the starry night sky and the noises of the bush. Once at home, I wonder, will I be the same as when I left? I think so but with a bit of African bush inside me, maybe I have become more savage 😂 I have more awareness regarding how much beauty there is in the world, in the people, and small things. I hope I am a better Marzia.

PS. I cannot mention all the names other wise this post will become too long (Sabrina already regrets giving me this job 😂) I will take with me also Matteo (Italian adopted brother) who has a big heart. Ben, Esther, Olivia, Veronique, Jutta, Mike, Koos, Ali etc. OK I think I've mention almost everyone. Sorry Sabrina 😂 A big hug Marzia style. See you guys.

Pss. Ah almost forgot... if it's OK for you... For me, its OK 😂😘 Blblblblblblblblbl Chicken/Kitchen (sorry private Leo joke 😂😂)

The end (maybe) 💁🏻‍♀️"


We would like to thank YOU Marzia for sharing your experience with all of us and many people around the world who follow our page! We will always remember you as one of the happiest Italians ever! Thank you for your smiles and efforts you put in our daily life!

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