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"Our Planet is our Home"

Our Planet is our home. My wish is that everyone in the world immediately understand the importance of protecting nature, the environment, its resources that keep us all alive and allow us to live. To breath.

Our Planet is our Home. Without it, we would not have a house. We would not eat, drink water, dress. Simply, we would not exist.

Our Planet is our Home. We must all take care of it as we take care of ourselves, our house, our beloved ones. Everyone should live sustainably, getting only what we really need and putting greed aside. We should appreciate what nature gives us every day, and not taken it for granted.

Our Planet is our Home. We all love to admire wildlife, mountains, oceans and anything that nature presents us in its simplicity and uniqueness. We must protect what we love. Full-Time, not Part-Time, when we remember it. Nature, wildlife do not have holidays; nature does not complains; nature carries on every day, strong and powerful, trying to stand up for the people and ecosystems who live in it. Nature supports us all every day, it is always there for us.

What about us all? What do we do to support and protect, everyday, Our Planet, our Home?

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