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🌈"When dreams come true"🌈 4/4 P.1

Once a week, our volunteer Marzia Sirchia will talk about her time here at LEO Africa! For her last week, she decided to split the post in two parts... Enjoy reading! We miss you already, Marzia!

Week 4/4 Part 1

“Well, here I am at the conclusion of my last week at Leo Africa. Compared to the other times I've written, I'm not in my beloved hammock to develop thoughts grammatically but instead I am in the mini bus on the way to the airport. Behind me I leave Leo Africa, my home for one month. It will continue to live in my memories and in all the 19,282 photos that I took.

I will always think about the animals, the breath taking landscape, the pristine nature, the hardwork under the burning sun, the sudden thunder and lightening storms that gives you goose bumps, the game drives, the sleepouts, the smells and colours of the bush, the sunsets, the continuous thought that there could be a dangerous animal behind any corner haha, all the great laughs, and my beloved trip mates...

I smile with the eyes full of tears, but my heart is full of joy. I realise now the great opportunity that I had. I feel like the luckiest girl (thank you mum ❤️❤️❤️).

This morning I had to say goodbye to wonderful people like Jeanine, my partner in crime, my drinking and 'pee pee' sister, you started this experience with me ❤️

I also give a shout out too my sweet little cuddly roommate Ilse, who is so brave in presence of the spiders 😂

To be continued.... 🌈

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