Volunteer with LEO AfricaVolunteer with LEO Africa

The Limpopo Eco Operations Africa (LEO Africa) Volunteer Research Programme offers an exciting combination of lion and predator observation and tracking, black and white rhino monitoring, wildlife management, conservation, field guiding experience and lifelong friendships. With LEO Africa, you get more than you give.

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Black rhino monitoringBlack rhino monitoring!

LEO is proud to announce that as of 2013, we have introduced an exclusive monitoring project to protect the reserve's black rhinos. You and a LEO guide will spend an entire day in the bush, tracking and observing black rhinos. While the focus of the project is black rhinos, you will also have the opportunity to track white rhinos, lions, leopards and elephants. You'll also likely have the opportunity to observe some of the reserve's many other species, all while learning about them from your guide. Since you will be off-roading on remote areas of the reserve, you can experience these animals in their natural environment- very up-close and personal!

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The volunteer projectThe Volunteer Project

Your volunteer work takes you out into the wilderness as you track and record the movements, behaviour and ecological impact of a lion pride. You will also gather and analyze data about black and white rhino, leopard, hyena, elephant, cheetah and other species of interest, and learn a lot about conservation and wildlife management! LEO is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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We speak your languageWe speak and understand Italian, French, Spanish, and Afrikaans

We are happy to assist you speaking Italian, French, Spanish, and Afrikaans, if you don't feel very confident with your English. Our program does operate in English, however there are often guides and guests here that speak other languages. Even if you only speak a little English, the LEO team is very happy to help you.